How to Test Inquiry Squirrel

Once you've got Inquiry Squirrel installed (and you've accepted the application charges), it should be operational in your Shopify store. You can easily test it by pretending to be a visitor to your store who is interested in a product variant that's currently out of stock:

When the product variant that you inquired about is back in stock, you (acting as a simulated shopper) will receive an email letting you know that it's back in stock. The email will include a link to the product variant that you inquired about, making it really easy for you to buy it!

Note: Inquiry Squirrel checks your inventory levels once a day, so your Inquirers will normally receive their Back-in-Stock notifications automatically the day after their product variants come back in stock. If you re-stock your inventory and you want to run the inventory check immediately, click on the "Integrations" link in the control panel and click on the "Sync" button in the "Actions" column of the Integrations table.

If the above test doesn't go as expected, contact us and we'll get to the bottom of it!

Otherwise, sit back and relax and let Inquiry Squirrel do its magic, capturing out-of-stock inquiry leads, squirreling them away until the products are back in stock, and automatically following up on them, converting them into new sales and new customers.

Normally you should not need to customize Inquiry Squirrel, but if you'd like to customize the way the out-of-stock inquiry form looks in your store you can do that using standard "cascading style sheet" (CSS) techniques.

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